The Consequences of Not Replacing Tires When the Tread Runs Out

October 1st, 2015

If your tires are low on tread and you have been putting off going to a tire store to purchase replacements, you should know that there are a number of consequences you may be risking. Here is a look at some of the consequences you face when the tread on your tires run out.


When your tires are too old or don’t have enough tread, they will be more likely to blowout. A blowout can occur when you run over a sharp object on city roads or even on the freeway, which makes it a big safety concern that should not be taken lightly. Protect your safety and the safety of your passengers by heading to a tire dealer for new tires when the tread is running low.

Increased Stopping Distance

Bringing your car to a quick stop involves much more than just your car’s braking system. If your tires do not have adequate tread, they will not be able to grip the road and create enough friction to bring the car to a stop. Instead, your vehicle will skid while the tires attempt to find traction. This extends your car’s overall stopping distance, which can make it more difficult to avoid a collision.

Leaky Tires

Without enough tread to maintain proper insulation, worn tires are prone to develop leaks. Tires that are low on air will reduce your overall fuel economy and can also affect your vehicle’s handling. Don’t drive on bald tires; instead, get a new set of tires and improve your car’s fuel efficiency and handling.

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